Charlotte J. Glaze


Our time in the Amazon is fun. We were a little nervous at first, and we had trouble sleeping, but we are really enjoying it now.

I don’t really know how to describe the jungle. It’s hot and humid, humid to the point of being wet. It is worse in the early afternoon, but we don’t go out then. Instead we have lunch and wait until 3:30 pm before we go out in the afternoon. We usually take a siesta inside on the bed, or in a hammock.
Yesterday it rained torrentially during our siesta time. The rest of the group that came when we did left right before, and must have been on a boat still during it. It looked like a hurricane. Then at 3 it stopped and we went out on the boat again into the jungle.

Matthias, our guide, is an excellent guide. He teaches us about the animals, the people, and the socio-economic climate of Brazil. He has found us some really cool animals to see, too.

It’s hard to get a good look at the animals. They are afraid of us. We’ve seen the dolphins, both gray and pink, and several kinds of monkeys. The monkeys are always pretty far away – they watch for strangers and then run away.

Yesterday we saw parrots and toucans, too. The parrots stay in large flocks and make a ton of noise. The toucans are hard to see, they stay pretty far away, but we saw one on a far tree and flying.

Tonight, if the weather is good we may spend the night in the jungle.


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