Boarding the Norwegian Jade

May 2, 2009 | Blog, Travel

We flew from Atlanta to Barcelona last night. We left at 5:45 pm and arrived in Barcelona at 9 am. Unfortunately, the time change meant that we didn’t get very much sleep, since we had our dinner, and watched Marley and Me. We could have gotten as much as 4 hours of sleep… but I didn’t sleep very well.

It was a pleasant flight, for the most part. I really like the upgrades that Delta has done to their First Class amenities. They have real feather pillows now, a real comforter as a blanket, and the amenity pack was very nice. I would have taken it with me, but I don’t want to carry any more things. Unfortunately, our plane didn’t have the flat beds, but the recliner-style chairs. I didn’t sleep very well.

Once in Barcelona, it was easy to take a taxi to the port. We were tired, and didn’t take any Barcelona pictures, but it looked nice. Basically it looked like Los Angeles and Southern California. There were a lot of beautiful old buildings though.  We’ll have to come back some time to see it.

Our check-in on the Norwegian Jade was simple too. There is a little bit of an effect from the Swine Flu, we had to fill out a little form. I was honest and had to answer “Yes” to one of the questions on it, so I had to talk to the doctor and visit the medical area when I got on board. I did not have a fever though, and I am fine, other than having a bit of an upset stomach – probably from the two red-eye flights in the row and not sleeping well.

We had lunch on-board. We also entered some drawings for free stuff, but didn’t win anything yet. I will say that either our travel agent was awesome and got us free stuff, or we got free stuff from being in the latitudes club (going on more than one cruise). We got a plate of chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room, and we also got free dinner passes to 4 of the specialty restaurants, including the steak restaurant that we wanted to go to.

After our dinner, we went on a ship tour, and then we went to bed.



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