The shorelines of Cannes, France are beautiful in the morning sun. The mountains rise in the distance, and the yaughts are lined up around the shore. There are hotels and condos on the shore.
In the morning, Josh and I woke up to the morning docking announcement from the cruise director. It was 9 am, and the ship was docking in Cannes. The ship couldn’t get into shore, so anyone leaving had to take the tenders (little boats) to shore from the ship. We had to pick up numbers to go. By the time we picked ours up, we were in the 10th group. We didn’t get to shore until noon.

We walked down the beach-front street in Cannes before turning into town and getting on a train to Nice, France. I had gotten an activity list together, and there were several cool things to do. Unfortunately, Josh and I hadn’t chosen what we liked best before hand, and ended up getting on the train to a stop past the best things that we liked. Then we explored Nice. We went to a Russian Othodox cathedral, but only looked outside because they wanted to charge 3 Euro each to go in. It looked like it wouldn’t be worth it, so we just walked around the outside and left.

For lunch we bought a pizza bread from a little corner bakery, and a berry tart. They were both good, but the tart was SO delicious.

We walked to Old Nice, and saw some nice fountains and old buildings and streets, and walked for a LONG way. In the end, we decided to only go so far for something more interesting in the future. Cannes was a lot nicer looking than Nice, in the end.

Riding on the train from Cannes to Nice is fun though. The shoreline is beautiful, and the cities’ suburbs look nice – think Southern California, the nice areas. Mountains in the distance, and Spanish tile roofs of mansions. In fact, some of the owners are probably the same people.