At the end of April, until the beginning of July, Josh and I are going to be traveling around the world to various countries. During this time, we will be living out of our two small carry-on bags and backpacks.

How can we get by with so little?

My secret weapon is a great website that I found several months ago before I went to El Salvador. It’s called It is a site completely dedicated to teaching people how to pack for any length trip in only one carry-on sized bag. I personally have been packing like he recommends since I found it, and it makes my traveling so much more pleasant I can’t even describe it.

I loved when our team that was traveling to El Salvador assembled in the check-in line, and the guys on my team had enormous bags that they could barely get through the checked luggage requirements, while I rolled all my baggage with me through the security line.

Honestly, if I packed more than my carry-on bag, I wouldn’t be able to manage it. If you can’t carry your luggage up a narrow flight of stairs, I recommend you downsize. I have stayed in a hotel in France that had a lot of stairs, and the elevator was super small. Think about carrying your bags. If that thought scares you, rethink how you are packing.

That said, I am going to start creating my packing list for our travels. I’m debating which clothing is the best for our trip, considering that Josh and I are going to go skiing in the winter of New Zealand, and sunbathe in the summer sun of Guam, to treking through the Amazon jungle. We’re going to every climate in the 2 and a half months. How to pack? I’ll blog about it over the next few days.