We ate breakfast at the Ashford Castle, which is included in the room price. It is an experience. Everything is so fancy, and there are so many employees that are so polite and helpful. It reminds me of what the White Sands Hotel always seemed like in Road to Avonlea. Everything refined and at your beck and call. Flights were canceled because of the volcanic ash from Iceland today, so Josh and I drove to Galway and tried to find him a sweatshirt and some underwear. We stopped in at St. Nicholas Church and took a few pictures.

We decided to visit the Cliffs of Moher in the afternoon. Along the way we came across the Dunguaire Castle. We stopped and had a look through it. It was built in 1520 by the Hynes family. It has been a home until recently, and they have decorated each floor to represent the different ages of the castle. The bottom floor is the 16th century, the middle floor the 17th century, and the top floor the 20th century.

We drove on to the Cliffs of Moher. They were very beautiful. They are over 700 ft tall from the sea level. I would have liked to go in a boat around the bottom of them. I think it is always easier to see how tall something is from the bottom than the top, plus I think the view from there would have been spectacular as well. We saw that there were a lot of sea birds down by the water as well, but they were too far away to see very well.

We drove back to Galway for dinner in a little restaurant. It was the Irish food you would expect to find: meat pies, shepherd’s pie, carrots, potatoes, cabbage. It was good and so much food that Josh and I should have shared. We both left a lot on our plates.