June 2 to 7 – Bermuda

Jun 13, 2011 | Blog, Travel

RTW 2011: Days 8 to 13

Bermuda is a beautiful island, or should I say, chain of islands. Josh and I spent a week in this tropical paradise of Britain meets the tropics. The citizens wear bermuda shorts and long socks with a dress shirt, tie, and jacket. It’s amusing, but we got used to it. We stayed at a beautiful hotel, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess. It had beautiful old fashioned architecture, with a bed to rival my own at home. It was soft and wonderful.

There were two pools at our hotel and a free shuttle over to the sister hotel on the island. At the other Fairmont is a golf course, another pool, and a beautiful beach. We spent several days on the beach at the sister hotel and by the pool at our hotel.

We went to Church Bay and rented snorkels from a stand on the beach. It was a beautiful beach and had very lovely snorkeling. There were a lot of parrot fish, and many other varieties including several barracuda. We also enjoyed the beautiful plant life on these reefs.

On another day we rented two mopeds and drove from one end of the island to the other. We really enjoyed St. George, a cute historical town with a lot of beautiful buildings and museums. We went through one museum about the ties that Bermuda has with the United States, with their role in the Civil War as a jumping off point for blockade runners for supplies. It was very interesting.

Most of our time was spent in Bermuda relaxing. It is a fabulous island with enough to do, but a very laid back atmosphere to help you unwind. One more important shout out: The Pickled Onion is a fabulous restaurant on the waterfront in Hamilton. Definitely eat here if you’re in Bermuda. We ate here three times we loved it so much.



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