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Sep 8, 2008 | Blog

I’m posting the article in my father’s latest newsletter, I thought it really told the truth about the presidential elections, in a way that I wanted to share.

There are so many reasons why a person burns out – many having to do with unfulfilled expectations. I also wonder at times if we, as pastors, are so involved with the world that the world’s influence has an impact upon burnout? I am not sure, but I have to wonder.

As a Canadian watching the the US political campaigns I have to wonder how many believers think through the history of man’s government and compare it to what God had in mind. With all the love and excitement so many believers show toward the election of a man-made government I have to ponder; do we really understand?

If . . . the big if, mankind were truly humble, we would realize we cannot rule ourselves, period. We would be kneeing before our Creator and asking Him to rule and lead our nation. Sound ridiculous to you? Sorry. You should read the Bible.

It all starts in Gen 3. Man is doing just fine. Living in the beautiful garden of perfection with every good food you would ever need, and a face to face relationship with God Almighty. Awesome and fantastic – then – they blow it and by the end of chapter 3 the ground is cursed, and man shall produce a living by the sweat of his brow working 40 to 80 hours a week and barely making ends meet.

It gets worse – by I Sam 8, the people decide they no longer want God to rule. They want a king like all the other nations. God gives fair warning before allowing such stupidity. He tells them through Samuel, their sons will be drafted and come home in flag draped caskets and they will be taxed to death if they choose a king like other nations. Israel says, ” Yep, yep, that’s what we want, yep, yep!”

It gets worse – God warns repeatedly about false prophets. You see, when an expectation is set up in the heart and it never comes to pass, the result is very bad. It can lead to horrid results including hating and blaming God. It is so bad a sin, false prophets were to be put to death.

Question: Do you know the two main Biblical indicators of a false prophet? (1) The prophecy never comes to pass. (2) The prophet speaks what your itching ears desire to hear. You want reduced taxes – we will give you reduced taxes!

The downward spiral continues. From the garden of Eden, to man’s rule, to Jesus stepping in to save the very elect at the end of the age. If you think a new face in the Oval Office, a black President or a female VP will make a great difference, I suggest you re-think the revealed word of God. Human beings are human beings, subject to sin all the days of their lives. Jesus was an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God – just like you and I – and nowhere in any of the four Gospel accounts – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – does Jesus give a single sentence of concern for who would be the next emperor of Rome. He represented a different government, and He knew that the agenda of that different government – the Kingdom – would move forward regardless who was the emperor of Rome.

I watch the politicians’ speeches and their endless promises, and I just pray the final words found in the book of Revelation – “Come Lord Jesus, come.” When Jesus comes back He will end forever political parties, democrats and republicans and establish the Kingdom of God. At that time we are told in scripture, “they will learn war no more.” The weapons of man’s warfare will be melted down and made into farm tools to feed the nations. All the “kings” who needed to make war to “save” freedom will at last learn what freedom is from God’s definition.

Could it be, that many of us are so “into” the world and its politics, we are burning out because we are so far from the spirituality of the new covenant we don’t even realize it?

Kim Wenzel
Smoldering Wick Ministries


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