Charlotte J. Glaze


Rio De Janeiro and Lisbon are sister cities. Some may know that, but I bet that most wouldn’t know that they both have the large statues of Jesus, with outstretched arms. As we walked outside on the deck of the ship this morning, Josh and I saw Jesus watching over us.

It is a rainy day, but we had a plan. Lisbon is home to the second largest aquarium in the world, and we are visiting it. It’s called the Oceanario de Lisboa.

Josh and I take a taxi and arrived at the aquarium area. The aquarium is actually built over the ocean, along a very well developed area – home of the expo center, gardens, and other buildings.

Inside we saw many very interesting sea animals and fish. This aquarium has a great group of penguins, and sea otters. The animals are so close to you and don’t even have a glass barrier.

In the large tanks, we saw some very unique and different fish. The most notable being the Sunfish. It was very large, and strange looking. They also had my favorite, the Manta Ray, as well as some other interesting Rays… some with leopard print skin.

I also appreciated that they had a strong focus on increasing environmental awareness of the ocean. They desired to show that over fishing certain species is hurting the whole ocean, as well as other issues like pollution or dumping trash into the ocean.

They also had a very interesting display about prehistoric sea creatures and compared them to the historic sea myths. It was very interesting.

Josh and I left the aquarium and rode a sky-lift alongside the shoreline to see what was there. Then we headed back to our boat. We enjoyed Lisbon, and we
thought that the city looked nice and worth another look later on. We would go back and see some more.

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