Our port today was Malaga, Spain. I had looked up some things to see at each stop, and this one has a castle and fort. The fort had been built by Muslim rulers over a long period of rule in Malaga.

As we walked into the lower “fort” it turned into the most beautiful fort I’d ever seen. In fact, it was really a medieval mansion. It had beautiful courtyards and fountains, beautiful Islamic style archways and wall decorations, and great overlooking views of the city.

After we looked at the fort, we stopped by a little restaurant for lunch. It was disappointing. Poor Josh got the wrong food and ended up with a mushroom soup when he hates mushrooms. I was highly disappointed that Spanish food is in fact not the same as Mexican food. Spanish food looked very unappetizing, and didn’t smell very good either.

After lunch we began a walk up to the castle that was at the top of a very high hill. After a long long uphill climb we arrived at the “castle”. Blah. It was really the fort, the names must have meant different things either when translated, or just in Spain. It was just a large area with tall walls, and a little museum in the center (which I’m sure would have been a barracks or something similar).

Then we walked all the way back down the huge hill and arrived back at the boat.

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