Charlotte J. Glaze


Round the World 2011: Day 1

Josh and I left Florida out of the Orlando International Airport. We flew into Lima, Peru, connecting in Atlanta. We had just had a great few days spending time with Josh’s family in Florida. Now it was time to start our grand adventure around the world again.

Thunderstorms delayed our flight out of Atlanta. The weather this year has been very intense, and we were very concerned for the safety of my family and our friends in Oklahoma, with the tornados destroying so many cities this year. After a couple of hours delay, we were off on our flight to Lima.

Our plane from Atlanta to Lima was very nice. It had lie flat seats that I slept in very well after dinner. Josh and I ate dinner (they had tiramisu as one of the dessert choices) and watched “The Green Hornet”, then we both slept for the rest of our flight.

When we arrived in Lima, we were picked up by someone from the Sungate Tours company and delivered to our hotel: Hotel El Ducado.

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