RTW 2011: Day 2

Our first night of the trip was not the best. Hotel El Ducado seems to have rather thin walls. We heard a lot of car horns and someone watching television and doors opening and closing. We both had to wear earplugs to be able to sleep.

There was a continental breakfast at our hotel, bread and jam with coffee or tea and juice. The morning we had on our own, so we wandered around a little ways. We got some Peruvian money from an ATM, and then we stopped at Starbucks. We had some drinks and Josh was able to call Delta using Skype and make some changes to our tickets. We stopped for lunch at Luigi’s Pizza and then headed back to our hotel for our Lima city tour in the afternoon.

There was some confusion about the time we were supposed to meet in the hotel lobby and so we waited for about an hour before our guide picked us up. Then we went on a tour with a group. We visited the Banco Central de Reserva Del Peru, now converted into an Art and Archeology museum. We saw various Inca  artifacts, including one used for brain surgery (yikes!).

Next we visited the main government square outside of the presidential palace. We visited the church that was in the square and then we walked a couple of blocks and also visited The Church of St. Francis of Assisi. We went down in the catacombs underneath the church, where 25,000 people were buried. There were piles and piles of bones. The scary looking piles were the sculls.

After our tour was over, we went to Pak Fok Chinese restaurant for dinner. We had a little bit of a language barrier problem and ended up ordering two of almost the same dish. It was still good though. Then back to our hotel for the night.