Mission: El Salvador Part 3

Aug 7, 2008 | Blog, Travel

Day 5:

Ryan, Eric, and I joined the doctors at 5am to get onto the bus. We were headed into the mountains to meet with farmers who live on a coffee plantation. As we wound up into the mountains, the sun was rising, and the view was breathtaking.

We were able to talk with the farmers, and see where some of them lived. We gave them food and medical treatment.

The coffee farm was very interesting, because coffee beans grow on little trees. (You can see them in the foreground of the above photo). They are green, and the farm consisted of mountainsides covered in these coffee bushes. It must be a lot of work to pick them when it is harvest time. The workers would have to climb up and down the mountain carrying them.

We left to go to the next medical clinic. Today’s medical clinic was set up in a church in San Salvador, El Salvador. There were many people who came, and they were given medical examinations, food, and medicine. A youth group from Texas was in El Salvador on a mission trip, and came to work with us. The teens played with the children and brought them coloring books.

To make a long day longer, I got heat exhaustion and threw up. I felt sick for several hours, but the first night of the Healing Rally was tonight! I ate some food, and felt a little better, then I ran centerline camera. There were some incredible healings! The best part is that Dr. Jose Coto, who was our medical coordinator, is a surgeon in El Salvador. He knew some of the people who were healed, and had seen their illnesses. One woman was blind in both eyes, her retinas were dead. God healed her eyes and she could see! Another man was unable to lift his arm for 15 years, there was some damage, but God healed him, and he was able to lift his arm right over his head.

God is good. It’s been a blessing to see His work in action, and to be a part of it.


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