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I just watched The Prince of Egypt again. I love that movie. There are so many angles that are easier to see when you look at the story in that format. I love animated movies, and the story of Moses is a real story, which makes it more valuable to watch than my favorite Disney movies. Besides the beautiful Hebrew-flavored music, I was really moved by several things this time around.

God’s Picture Is Much Bigger Than Ours

When Moses killed a man and fled into the desert and thought his life was over, that was only a stage of the journey with God. Even the entire life of Moses, everything that happened in his life was only a brief chapter in God’s story. What is so amazing to me and so important to grasp in my daily life is the realization that God loves His people much more than we imagine, and in His love for us, He may leave us in bad situations for a long time. Sometimes lifetimes. God loves His people Israel. He chose them and became their God. But then He sovereignly placed them in Egypt and allowed them to become slaves. They were killed. Their children were slaughtered. God allowed evil to happen in their lives.

I think it is vital to our faith to believe that God is doing things much larger than our lives allow us to grasp, and that our happiness is not vital in the grand scheme. God is sovereign. His will be done.

God is Faithful

God promised His people that they would go to their own land someday. He didn’t tell them the day, and when He brought them there, He waited with them in the desert for the forty years that they rebelled before they could enter. He is patient, and He is faithful. I was really struck by the lengths that God goes to prove Himself worthy of all our worship. The miracles that He performed in Egypt were inconceivable. Another thing that really struck me was that in Revelation, when Jesus returns again, God has promised to do wonders even greater than in Egypt. It will be like the plagues except over the entire Earth. No wonder people will cry out for the mountains to fall on them.

All in all, I am awed by my Father. I praise you Lord, El Shaddai, King of Creation. Amen.


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