Seattle, WA – Day 1

Feb 11, 2009 | Blog, Travel

Josh and I have traveled up to Seattle for a couple of days. Josh had worked in Seattle before, but I had never visited it. The closest I had been in the past was Yakima, WA. We just wanted to have a nice trip to spend time together and explore a new place.

We flew up Monday night. On Tuesday we checked out some of the sites. We started our day out at The Dish Cafe. Josh had an omlet with green onion, tomato, bacon, cream cheese, and curry. It was served with red potatoes, some slices of pineapple, and a scone. I had a small fruit plate with honey yogurt, and a scone. We enjoyed both of them thoroughly. The cafe is a very friendly atmosphere, all the servers were very friendly and talkative, and it seems like there are a lot of regulars. It was a lot like walking into a Cheers type diner – where everybody knows your name.

After breakfast we headed out to the Boeing factory in Everett, WA. We visited the gallery, and took the factory tour. It was a very interesting tour. The factory is enormous, and the tour go up to an observation area in several different areas of the factory, to look down and watch the workers building the airplanes. At the Everett factory they have 30,000 employees, and build the 747, 767, 777, and the new 787. The factory is also the largest volume building in the world (you can fit Disneyland inside the building, and still have 16 acres left over). It was quite the sight.

When we finished the tour, we headed to Pike Place Market. It was cold and raining, but there were awnings and indoor areas, so we still got to look around at everything without much problem. The market is great! There was everything you could want there, groceries, meats and fish, clothes, toys, etc. We stopped in at Pike Place Bar & Grill for dinner. Josh had the seafood combo plate, which had smoked salmon, crab cake, and battered cod, with french fries and coleslaw. I had a smoked salmon club sandwich, with a pasta salad. It was good. The server here was also a very friendly helpful server. I think that Seattle has some of the most friendly people I’ve ever met. I like how familiar and friendly this city is.


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