We flew back to Shanghai again, and rode the Maglev into the city at 430 km/h. Pretty stinking fast.

Back in Shanghai we tried to check out a few of the common sites to see before we headed out. We visited the Shanghai museum first. Inside were a lot of Chinese historical items: pottery, bronze work, porcelain, painting, calligraphy, jade, stamps, coins, and furniture. We did see a piece of money the size of Josh’s hand… I wouldn’t want to carry that one around, eh!

We also visited the Pearl Tower, Shanghai’s large radio tower building. It was not the best of views, considering the smog was so thick. But they did have a glass floor to walk on. I hadn’t walked on one before, since the last time I was at the CN Tower, their glass floor hadn’t opened yet. Josh had a good laugh at me, but it was hard for me to walk on it. I did do it, but I felt scared. Haha. It’s like walking on air, which sounds pleasant, but is scary.

Before I finish off with China, I want to say a big thank you to Dawson for letting us stay with him, and for showing us around the city and letting us know some more about China. We had a lot of fun, and we were very happy to come and see you. Hope you can make it to our side of the world sometime too.

DING “Pe-po Square. Please get ready to light on the lefita side.”