After getting kicked off of our flight, Josh had to contact Delta and make sure that the rest of our itinerary would not be canceled. We were very uncertain what would happen with his passport at the Embassy, so we decided to come up with a backup plan in case we could not go to South Africa after all.

We decided to go explore a little more of France (not stay in Paris, unless we wanted to completely destroy our budget). After coming up with a plan, we walked outside of our hotel and looked for some food, and we also visited the Arc de Triomphe, which happened to be very near to our hotel. One more of Paris’ sights crossed off. It’s a large arch… surprising large… and commemorates one of Rome’s victories.

On Monday we visited the US Embassy. I was excited because I’d never been to an Embassy before. I thought that the Embassy would be very plush and beautiful, like visiting the White House.

We got inside and it looked just like a government office. A large crowd of people sitting on uncomfortable chairs, waiting for their number to be called, so that they can meet with one of the people standing behind the windows.

We were able to skip the really long lines since we were American citizens. We were there for a while, but in the end Josh was able to get an emergency passport and we were able to continue on our way to South Africa that evening! It only took an hour to get a passport in France, when it takes weeks to get one in the USA. Haha.