Charlotte J. Glaze


I took a weekend trip up to see my best friend, Lisa, who is studying at Asbury Theological Seminiary in the heart of the Bluegrass state: Kentucky. It was my first time in Kentucky, other than at the Cincinnati airport. I flew into Lexington, which looked like a nice city, and is only about half an hour drive from Asbury. The little town of Wilmore is for the most part two college campuses. The Theological Seminary, and Asbury College. They both used to be one college, but along the line they split into two separate entities.

Lisa gave me a tour around the campus, which was pretty. You can see that the chapel is pretty and quaint.

Then I got a chance to meet John Wesley, the famous circuit-riding preacher. Honestly, I was very disappointed. He was a very small man. Since he has had such a large influence on Christianity, I thought that he might be large and imposing. Obviously, he was not highly regarded because of his size. He was shorter and skinnier than I am, with a tiny bone structure. I guess it was the Holy Spirit and the power of God that caused his great influence, which is a very good thing.

We went to a park, with another of my college friends, Seth. There we got to experience the changing leaves of Kentucky.

This next photo was also at the park, but I’d like to point out the factory on the horizon. It’s really disappointing, but all along the rivers in Kentucky I saw these huge factories, pouring out smoke. From the air you can really see how many of them there are, and it’s gross. Maybe they don’t pollute too much, maybe they do, but either way, they are ugly and ruin the scenery.

After our jaunt in the woods, we picked up some dinner at one of about 3 restaurants in town. That evening I played Cranium with a group of Lisa’s friends. It was very fun and funny. The interesting thing about Lisa’s friends were how intellectual they all were. We were laughing and joking, and it was a good time. I thought that it was because only intellectuals go to grad school, but Lisa told me that there was no lack of anti-intellectual people at grad school, too. Sigh. My greatest disappointment with higher education.

The next day Lisa, Jaime, Seth, and I were going to go miniature golfing at this Bible-themed course. I was so excited. You get to putt through the parted Red Sea, and up onto the top of Mount Sinai, and so many other fun themed holes…
but it was closed for the season.

Instead, Lisa, Jaime, and I went bowling. Seth headed out to get some homework done.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. I love getting to spend time with Lisa, but it always ends too soon. It’s really difficult to really stay close when we are so far apart. We’ll do our best though, and hopefully this summer we’ll get to spend some time together, too.

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