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Visiting Hobbiton

Over a year ago Josh and I visited New Zealand, including Hobbiton. It was an amazing set, they had rebuilt the entire village for The Hobbit movies, and each Hobbit hole was so detailed and beautiful. We had to sign a disclosure to not post the photos until The...

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Fall Break: Trip to Branson, MO

Josh and I visited Branson, MO a week ago to see the fall colors and just have a day away. The weather was threatening rain all day, but we did see some beautiful fall foliage. [gallery type='default' style='mosaic' caption='desc-title' columns='3' thumb_width='75'...

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The Harry Potter Studio Tour

Also known as the coolest place I went on my trip to London. On the last day before our flight home, Josh and I visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It was hard to get tickets for, but if you are in the area and you love Harry Potter you have to go. Of course, I...

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Photos of the Women’s Olympic Marathon

Just outside of my hotel was the place that the women's marathon completed a couple of loops. I walked up to watch and found a hole to see by the jib. I watched and cheered and photographed during one loop through. I saw the media truck drive by and the two...

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Royal Day Out

I bought a Royal Day Out ticket package, which included The State Rooms of Buckingham Palace, The Queen's Gallery of Buckingham Palace, and The Royal Mews. My first stop was The Queen's Gallery, in which the special exhibition was Leonard da Vinci: Anatomist. It was...

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From London to Sochi

Russia had several pavilions set up during the London Olympics. One was called the Russia Park, and one was the Sochi Park, a preview of the Sochi Olympics. Josh and I went to visit them so that we might learn more about Russia in preparation for our adoption from...

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Olympics: Men’s Gymnastics Team Final

I was so blessed to be able to go to a couple of Olympic events during my trip to London. It was very exciting to be in the stadium with thousands of people from around the world, all in one place to cheer on their countries and teams. On July 30 I attended the Men's...

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Walking Around London

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre The¬†Millennium Bridge, and St. Paul's Cathedral St. Paul's Cathedral   [gallery type='default' style='mosaic' caption='desc-title' columns='3' thumb_width='75' thumb_height='75' thumbnail_size='thumbnail' slide_size='extra-image-huge'...

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The Tower of London

Josh and I went to the Tower of London together in the morning, before he had to go to work one day. We started off by listening to one of the Beefeaters give a tour. The Beefeaters are a nickname for the Yeoman Warders who live and are the keepers of the Tower. They...

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London’s Natural History Museum

On July 25, I visited the Natural History Museum in London. I explored it for quite a while, but I didn't see everything. It was really hot in there the day I went, and my feet can't stand up to long days walking on concrete and cement floors. My first stop was...

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Westminister Abbey

On one of my days in London I visited Westminster Abbey. It was impressive and very historical. The royal family has been crowned in the Abbey since 1066, sitting on the same throne at every coronation, which is on display in the Abbey. There is a regal constancy in...

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Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Flowers

I had several places that I wanted to visit in London from some of my favorite British literature turned movies. I wanted to visit the places at which scenes from Harry Potter were filmed. I also wanted to visit some of the places where the new Sherlock Holmes movies...

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