Charlotte J. Glaze


If you want to write your Representative and Senators about the DACA program, feel free to steal my letter!

Find your representatives here:


Dear (Politician),

I urge you to act to protect the people enrolled in the DACA program from deportation. I urge you and the other members of Congress to pass legislation that will create an easy and quick path to citizenship for all people who have grown up knowing the USA as their home for a majority of their lives. To deport those who came to this country as children and have known this country as their home for so many years is wrong.

I also ask you to work on immigration reform so that fewer people will come to our great nation illegally in the future, and more will have a path to legally enter, work in, and perhaps someday become citizens of our nation.

As a Christian nation, I believe we must treat the foreigners among us with compassion, love, and dignity.

Thank you,
Charlotte Glaze

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