Josh and I went to Florida for Christmas with his family. We always go to Nana and Papa Joe’s house for Christmas Eve, we exchange presents with them and we eat fondue. It’s always a very fun time, and Nana will even make us a treasure hunt for our big gifts which I love. When I was younger, I used to always ask my dad to make a treasure hunt for me for my birthday parties. They would be so much fun, and I love figuring out all the clues.

Christmas Day we spent at the Glaze house. Papa came over and we opened presents, ate a lot of food, played Aggravation, and watched old Christmas movies. It was a fun time.

We were a little bit concerned about our adoption at this point. The Russian government had put out a law that would stop all adoptions to the USA. We were praying that President Putin would not sign the law. We were holding onto that hope.

Three days later, first thing in the morning as I checked the news, that hope was shattered. President Putin signed the law, ending Russian/American adoptions. We had been so close to becoming adoptive parents. It hurt so badly that all our hopes were gone. Our adoption process had started over a year earlier, and suddenly it was all over. We didn’t know what we should do, or what we could do. We looked to God and prayed that His perfect will would be done in our hearts and lives.