Charlotte J. Glaze


I’ve taken up gardening. I seem to have tried my hand at a lot of hobbies, and I usually get very gung-ho about them for a little while and then they fade away again and I move on to something else. Last year I decided to fix up the garden in the front of our house. It looked very nice when we first moved in, but after neglecting it the following year, it was an ugly mess. So, last year I worked on half of the yard, pulling out the boxwoods and some of the other plants, leaving a few of the plants, and planting a lot of new plants.

I wanted to see if I could stick with it and make something beautiful. I was impressed with my results and discovered that I really enjoyed gardening. It wasn’t a lot of work to weed, and it was so rewarding to watch the flowers bloom and thrive (although I also watched some wither up and die in the hot Oklahoma heat). So this year, Josh built me two raised bed gardens in the backyard for vegetables. I decided to try the square foot gardening method for planting, and so far, so good. I’m watching the plants pop up, and I haven’t found many weeds at all in the vegetable patch. I’ll update later, as the plants grow larger.

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