This summer Josh and I are wanting to start a few home projects. I think we’re being a bit optimistic in thinking that we will finish it all, but it might be possible. First on the docket: the kitchen.

We have taken down the drop ceiling, installed recessed lighting and new light fixtures, removed some cabinets, and hung a new stainless steel cooktop hood so far, but this summer we plan on completely redoing everything else.

We will paint the cabinets white, change out the hardware, pull up the flooring and install stone or tile, paint the walls and ceiling, replace the sink and countertop and faucet, and install new appliances. Lots to do! I’m still trying to decide on what color to paint the walls. We finally decided white for sure for the cabinets. We will probably go with a black granite countertop (we need to visit the countertop stores some more). I have been playing with green for the kitchen walls, but I’m not completely sold on it yet. It won’t show much in the kitchen, but it will carry through to the breakfast nook, so I have to like it in both places. I have no idea yet about the floor. I think I need to pick the countertop for sure, first. I do know that I would like a farmhouse style sink.