I had my mom, Dulcinea, Ariel, and Ben over for a fondue feast in honor of the new year. It was delicious, if I do say so myself.


I know I left the last post on a really down note. This time was really rough on me. I had quit my job to be a mother, and now I had no job to go back to, my husband works a lot this time of year, and I was not going to be a mother any time soon.

We had a few options… our adoption agency would allow us to transfer all of the money we had paid so far to another country program. We could start the process over for a new country – application, home study, dossier, waiting period – do it all again.

We could try to become parents the natural way.

We could try another avenue for adoption: domestic, another agency, DHS.

To start with, we put our adoption process on hold – which we can do for up to two years without losing our money. We looked at the other countries available. The two that had young children available were South Korea and China – but we currently did not qualify for either program. South Korea has a BMI requirement, and China has a minimum age requirement of 30.

Decisions, decisions.