A whole lot has happened in our lives recently, which may partly explain my very long absence from updates. At the beginning of October, Josh and I finally closed on our first home. That was a process that we hope to never, ever repeat. We were supposed to close on our house at the end of August, and after missing that deadline due to our mortgage company, we had so many headaches trying to get them to do their part that we fired them and went through the entire mortgage process again. In these days of banks becoming cautious, the term self-employed sounds a lot like unemployed.

We didn’t believe we would get our house. We had to be out of our apartment by October 1st, and so we packed everything into a moving truck and stayed with a friend for the night after scrubbing our apartment down. The next day we had our apartment inspection, signed the last papers, and turned in our keys. We were now homeless. We were planning on looking at apartments. Then, miraculously, our realtor called and we were closing. We barely believed it. When we finally got those keys and moved into our house, it was very surreal.

But here we are. We’re ready to start renovating as we get the money to do so, and it’s so nice to have more room than our apartment. It’s nice to have an office that is not the living room.

I must say though, the previous owners were nail-fiends. There are so many nails stuck into every surface that its almost funny. The ceiling even has nails in it. Forget the moon… our house is made of Swiss cheese.