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Skagway, Alaska and a Trip Up the White Pass Railroad

Our last stop in Alaska on our cruise was Skagway. It's a tiny little blip of a town with just a couple of streets and more of the same style of tourist shops. The real feature of this town is the start of the White Pass Railroad, an incredible feat of engineering...

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Tracy Arm Fjord and Juneau, Alaska

Josh and I woke up early in the morning and walked out onto our balcony to an amazing sight. We had entered Tracy Arm Fjord, and it was breathtaking. We ordered breakfast in our room and sat on our balcony enjoying the scenery. Our captain navigated up the fjord quite...

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Ketchikan, Alaska

Our first stop on our cruise was Ketchikan, Alaska, the first city of Alaska. This is probably where your salmon comes from, being "The Salmon Capital of the World". We were not there at the right season for the salmon runs though, but we did come on a day without...

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Leaving for Alaska!

I've heard about how great the Alaska cruises are, and this summer Josh and I got to experience the wonders of Alaska for ourselves. We picked Celebrity Cruises because a friend of ours told us that they were the best. Our verdict: it was a wonderful cruise. We had a...

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