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April 28 – Amazon Jungle

Our time in the Amazon is fun. We were a little nervous at first, and we had trouble sleeping, but we are really enjoying it now. I don't really know how to describe the jungle. It's hot and humid, humid to the point of being wet. It is worse in the early afternoon,...

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In the Amazon – April 26

Today we went for a hike in the jungle. Our guide, Matthias, showed us different animals and plants. He also showed us how to start a fire in the wild, and set a trap to catch an animal to eat. It was a very long, hot hike. There are a lot of mosquitoes in the jungle...

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Arriving in the Jungle

Today we left our hotel and were with a couple from New York City and a woman from Turkey. We drove to the dock and took a boat to another dock area further down. Then we drove on a paved road and then a dirt road to another dock, and took a boat to the lodge. We are...

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RTW – Day 1 – Traveling to Brazil

Josh and I are leaving today for our Round the World trip. We are flying Delta from Tulsa to Atlanta to Manaus, Brazil. When we arrive a driver from the tour company is supposed to meet us and take us to our hotel We will be there tomorrow, and leave for our Amazon...

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