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Ketchikan, Alaska

Our first stop on our cruise was Ketchikan, Alaska, the first city of Alaska. This is probably where your salmon comes from, being "The Salmon Capital of the World". We were not there at the right season for the salmon runs though, but we did come on a day without...

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Leaving for Alaska!

I've heard about how great the Alaska cruises are, and this summer Josh and I got to experience the wonders of Alaska for ourselves. We picked Celebrity Cruises because a friend of ours told us that they were the best. Our verdict: it was a wonderful cruise. We had a...

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Cruising on the Norwegian Jade

A sea day is always going to be a relaxing day on a cruise ship. After the first days on the cruise, when we were stopping at so many interesting ports and wanting to see everything, we were very ready for our first sea day. Our second one was not as needed, since our...

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Boarding the Norwegian Jade

We flew from Atlanta to Barcelona last night. We left at 5:45 pm and arrived in Barcelona at 9 am. Unfortunately, the time change meant that we didn't get very much sleep, since we had our dinner, and watched Marley and Me. We could have gotten as much as 4 hours of...

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