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Paris, France… again…

From South Africa, we were headed to Shanghai, China to connect with another friend. Josh's friend Dawson from high school, whom I have not met yet. He's been living in China for over a year now. He had been teaching ESL, but now he's working in a business job for a...

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The US Embassy in Paris, France

After getting kicked off of our flight, Josh had to contact Delta and make sure that the rest of our itinerary would not be canceled. We were very uncertain what would happen with his passport at the Embassy, so we decided to come up with a backup plan in case we...

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To South Africa or Bust?

Our cruise is done, and the next stop on our itinerary is South Africa. We're going to meet up with our friends from college, Adam and Lora, who are serving as Peace Corp volunteers. Josh and I made our way off of the boat and to the metro station, where we traveled...

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We Will Remember

We had an amazing opportunity to visit the Normandy Beaches on our trip. We rented a car in La Havre, and drove across the Normandy countryside. This was one of my favorite days. The countryside in Normandy is so picturesque and beautiful. We drove trhough many small...

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Cannes and Nice

The shorelines of Cannes, France are beautiful in the morning sun. The mountains rise in the distance, and the yaughts are lined up around the shore. There are hotels and condos on the shore. In the morning, Josh and I woke up to the morning docking announcement from...

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