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California and Highway 1

In the middle of August, Josh and I flew to California for a friend's wedding and made a little bit of a vacation out of our trip after the wedding festivities. The wedding was just outside of the San Francisco area, near Mount Diablo. On a free morning before the...

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Valley Forge

Continued from Philadelphia Part 1, and Philadelphia Part 2When the golf tournament started, we moved out of Philadelphia and into a smaller town right beside Valley Forge National Historical Park. Of course Donna and I had to go visit it, and it is a very nice area....

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Philadelphia in June – Part 2

See the first Philadelphia post here. My apologies for taking forever to post the rest of our Philadelphia trip. I get so behind sometimes with my photos. On our next day in Philadelphia we visited Independence Hall and Congress Hall, the buildings where the...

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June in Philadelphia

In June, Josh and I went to Philadelphia, PA for a few days sightseeing before he worked at the PGA tournament. We toured around the city for a few days with Josh's mom and dad. Obviously, there are a lot of historical sights to see in Philly. We walked around the...

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Skagway, Alaska and a Trip Up the White Pass Railroad

Our last stop in Alaska on our cruise was Skagway. It's a tiny little blip of a town with just a couple of streets and more of the same style of tourist shops. The real feature of this town is the start of the White Pass Railroad, an incredible feat of engineering...

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Tracy Arm Fjord and Juneau, Alaska

Josh and I woke up early in the morning and walked out onto our balcony to an amazing sight. We had entered Tracy Arm Fjord, and it was breathtaking. We ordered breakfast in our room and sat on our balcony enjoying the scenery. Our captain navigated up the fjord quite...

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Turkey Mountain in Tulsa, OK

Turkey Mountain is beautiful at this time of year. Josh and I like to take Timbit hiking, and there are many different trails available. I will warn though, if you don't follow the painted color on the trail, you will get lost on a side trail. We have multiple times....

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Fall Foliage in Tulsa, OK

I've been taking some photos of fall foliage around town. Here are some of my favorites. [gallery type='default' style='mosaic' caption='desc-title' columns='3' thumb_width='75' thumb_height='75' thumbnail_size='thumbnail' slide_size='extra-image-huge' fx='slide'...

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Fall Break: Trip to Branson, MO

Josh and I visited Branson, MO a week ago to see the fall colors and just have a day away. The weather was threatening rain all day, but we did see some beautiful fall foliage. [gallery type='default' style='mosaic' caption='desc-title' columns='3' thumb_width='75'...

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San Francisco City Tour

Most of my time in the San Francisco area was spent outside of San Francisco, some of it in the glorious parks of the area. I did visit San Francisco as well, and I availed myself of the City Sightseeing bus tour. This was my first hop-on hop-off bus experience. It...

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Green Spaces of San Francisco

I was recently staying on the outskirts of San Francisco while my husband worked at the U.S. Open. I quickly found that driving around San Francisco was difficult, and parking in San Francisco almost impossible. I decided against going into the city very much and...

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Hawai’i Big Island Vacation: June 2012 – Part 5

I was sad today. It was time to leave Hawai'i again. I love Hawai'i. Our trip was so nice. We saw the island, did a few fun activities, and relaxed a lot. It was fabulous. The Fairmont Orchid was the nicest hotel I think I've ever stayed in, and the staff were...

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