Farnborough International Airshow 2012

Aug 8, 2012 | Travel

Josh was so excited when our trip to London coincided with the Farnborough International Airshow. There are several big international airshows: Farnborough, Paris, and Dubai. Josh has wanted to go for a long time. He bought us two tickets for the ‘enthusiast day’. That means that instead of just the airshow, all of the trade-show displays are still set-up to look at as well.

We browsed through the trade-show, and I took pictures of the booths of all the states of America I found. We enjoyed our visit to the Oklahoma one, although Gov. Mary Fallin had already left (she had been there on previous days, drumming up business in Oklahoma).

We went out to watch the airshow, and then it started to pour. We stood under our umbrella for a long time, until we finally thought that they were not going to fly in the storm. We decided to head back towards some of the inside areas again. As we walked over there, I hurt my foot. It was painful for the rest of day, so I tried to rest it as much as possible. We went into the Airbus building, and while we were inside the A380 finally started to fly. It was exciting to see it fly so quickly and make such sharp turns. We continued to browse around and watch the airshow on and off.

We decided that the thing to do next time is bring lawn chairs and just sit and watch the airshow. The trade show displays were mostly boring, but the airshow was very exciting. I also think it would be a million times better if it hadn’t been raining. It was still a fun day, it just could have been better.


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