From London to Sochi

Sep 27, 2012 | Travel

Russia had several pavilions set up during the London Olympics. One was called the Russia Park, and one was the Sochi Park, a preview of the Sochi Olympics. Josh and I went to visit them so that we might learn more about Russia in preparation for our adoption from there.

The Russia House was in Kensington Gardens, and to get to it we walked past Kensington Palace, and stopped by to see the beautiful front gardens.

Inside the Russia Park there were several activities for kids: ice skating, curling, hockey, and the famous Olympic sport of miniature golf.

Next we visited Sochi Park. It was a high-tech set-up, but some of the displays were not working properly. It seemed very expensive for what it was, but it was still interesting. They showed the buildings that they are planning on building, the trains stations, and photographs of different regions in Russia. There were also some Olympic paraphernalia: bob-sleds, ice skates, etc. Josh even got his picture with the Olympic torch.

After that, Josh had to go to work. I went to the Russian Ice Show. It was filled with Russian figure skating stars, and was a really cool show.


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