Today we went on a historical hike through the Fairmont grounds to look at the petroglyphs. We went on our hike with two families, kids from about 3-9, I’m guessing. Everyone had a good time. It was incredible how dry it was just off of the manicured lawns of the resort and into the mesquite woods, it felt like the desert. The petroglyphs were interesting, our tour guide was more interesting. He liked to talk about life in Hawai’i. He gave us some good restaurant recommendations, and I found it interesting that he showed us the superstition of the native Hawaiian culture. We visited a lava tube house that the ancient Hawaiians lived in, and we asked if tours went inside to see it, but he said that it always gave a really bad feeling, and talked about it like bad karma. He mentioned again later in regards to his friend feeling someone watching him, turning around and being alone in the woods.

After our tour we went out to a breakfast (or second breakfast if you count a pop-tart in our room) at Lava Java. Coming back to the hotel we sat by the pool and swam in the pool for several hours before heading back to our room to cool down and watch the Thunder game.