I was sad today. It was time to leave Hawai’i again. I love Hawai’i. Our trip was so nice. We saw the island, did a few fun activities, and relaxed a lot. It was fabulous. The Fairmont Orchid was the nicest hotel I think I’ve ever stayed in, and the staff were wonderful. Our housekeeping lady was always cheerful when she greeted us, and she called us by name. Every staff member was always smiles and politeness throughout our stay. Our rooms were phenomenal. The bed was as comfortable as my bed at home. After that visit, every other hotel will feel like a disappointment.

We ate breakfast at the hotel, took one last walk down the beach, got packed up, then went down to Kailua-Kona and walked through some of the kitschy shops by the waterfront, then we headed to the airport. Josh and I had to fly separately to San Francisco, CA for his work on the U.S. Open. Aloha Hawai’i, until next time.

The problem with Hawai’i is that once you are back on the mainland nothing is as nice as it is in Hawai’i. If you are bored in Hawai’i, you can sit in a chair, listen to the ocean, feel the sun on your face, and look around at the gorgeous flowers of every color and hue. Outside Hawai’i, when I’m bored I think about going outside – but normally it’s either too hot or too cold to enjoy. The grass is brown if it’s winter or summer, and the ocean is an airplane ride away in any direction. I wish I had more Aloha in my everyday life, but I know that with time, the shine will come back as the memory of Hawai’i fades bit by beautiful bit.