London Day-Trip: Lacock and Bath

Aug 9, 2012 | Travel

On another day trip, Josh and I headed out to the town of Lacock, a historical town entirely owned by the National Trust, and afterwards we visited the city of Bath.


We visited the town of Lacock, starting with the Lacock Abbey and the Fox Talbot Museum. There was a museum section in the visitor center covering the life of Fox Talbot, who was the owner of the house and grounds, and also the inventor of the negative in photography. It was really an interesting museum, thinking about all the people who were living-room scientists around that time period, I’m amazed. I am always in wonder at how so many discoveries that have changed and effected the technology of the whole world have been discovered by people with a science hobby.

After the museum, we toured the family house and then around to the abbey, which is another Harry Potter filming site. This abbey was built in 1229 and used to be a monastery. It was used in Harry Potter for hallways, the courtyard, and various rooms such as Professor Snape’s potions class, and Professor McGonagall’s office. There was also some very lovely gardens that I was so enamored by. I just love to imagine living on a property that has such beautiful nature walks, especially with workers who will make it so beautiful and I can just enjoy it.

Lacock village was also used in a lot of movies, including some of my favorites: BBC’s Pride and Prejudice and Emma, so we walked through to see the old historical village.


We arrived in Bath in the afternoon and went on a tour of the Roman Baths. You get a free audio tour, and I decided that I wanted to listen to the kids version of the tour, which I enjoyed immensely. There were quizzes, jokes, and dramatic reenactments. It was a very enjoyable and informative tour. It is very interesting to see the Roman Baths in Bath because there is still water running through most of the areas, making it much more impressive than the previous Roman baths I’ve seen that are just so many more ruins. It’s amazing that the baths are in such great shape after 2000 years, and the water is still hot and bubbling! We even got to taste it at the end, as so many were prescribed to do by their doctors. Yech! It would not make me better.

It was getting later, and some other museums were starting to close. We walked down to The Circus, stopping into a free art gallery on the way. There were Olympic paintings on display and a really cool room of wooden toys that would do things if you pulled on a string or pushed a button. I enjoyed them a lot. The lady at the art museum was very friendly as well and we talked with her for several minutes. I have found that the people of Great Britain are very friendly and cheerful. I enjoy talking with them and enjoy visiting their country.


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