Charlotte J. Glaze


If you’re looking for the Queen, you may want to skip out of London and into Windsor. Her Majesty was at home the day Josh and I visited Windsor Castle, we knew because of her flag flying from the top of the castle. Before we went inside we watched the guards pass by for the changing of the guards, though it was a disappointment because of the rain. Usually there is a band and a bit of a parade, but on our visit they just marched straight in with their rain cloaks on.

Windsor Castle in beautiful, and there was a special feature of photographs of the Queen throughout her reign in honor of her Diamond Jubilee. There was a permanent display that was very interesting as well, Queen Mary’s Doll House, which is a huge doll house miniature with lots of the castle rooms created in miniature, with real gold, real jewels, and real artwork made miniature by the artists. Unfortunately, I cannot show you any photographs from the inside of the Castle, only the outside grounds. They are very strict about photography and I wasn’t going to argue with guards who have six inch bayonets on the ends of their loaded rifles.

I have one photo from a shop in Windsor, and found throughout the UK: candy shops! They are always so cute and stuffed floor to ceiling with every kind of candy, including sugary cereals, which makes me laugh.

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