Dec 16, 2010

After everyone was up and awake the next morning, the whole group walked down the street to a little restaurant for breakfast. We went to Java Jazz, and it was a funny experience. The restaurant was decorated with a lot of nick-nacks and memorabilia, but included a lot of nude paintings and naked Barbies (including some in a bird cage, and one being eaten by a shark). A little bit crazy. The food was yummy, and we were all happy to have real food after being flying and eating a lot of snack foods or fast food for the last couple of days of travel.

We went out to the beach that was right outside our hotel. We had several masks and snorkels, and spent some time checking out the location. We saw a bunch of sea turtles up close that were enormous! If was incredible! I had never seen a sea turtle that large, or as close up. It was a little bit intimidating. I got freaked out a few times when one was swimming towards me, they are just so large. Cherish freaked out and rammed into the coral when one came really close to her. I do love sea turtles though. I love watching them glide through the water like they are gigantic birds flying through the water.

We were pretty relaxed for the day, but we had to run to the grocery store so that we could cook our own food for a majority of the trip. I got the grocery list together and my mom and I went to get groceries. A lot of the rest of the group went with Josh to Walmart to get some miscellaneous forgotten items. Then we had some grilled chicken, rice, pineapple, broccoli and salad for dinner. After dinner the girls (other than me) went shopping at the local shops. Josh and I watched the sunset over the ocean and went on a walk around the neighborhood. We were still tired from the traveling, so we headed to bed around 7:30 p.m.