Yesterday, my friend, Jami and I went to the Renaissance Faire at The Castle of Muskogee. We hadn’t been before, although we had talked about going for several years. It turned out to be a lot of fun. There was actually a lot to see and do, and of course there was a lot of fair food. We watched several of the entertainers: a jousting tournament, singing pirates, belly-dancers, a professional show-off, and falconers. There were a lot more shows and musicians everywhere we looked. It would take a long time to see every act, I think. Along the walkways were shops selling jewelry, costumes, weapons, and every kind of trinket or cask you might think of.

We stopped in at several food stands (and I forgot to take any food pictures!) and came away with BBQ Brisket sandwiches, home-made root beer and cream soda in a refillable glass bottle, and a strawberry and whipped cream funnel cake. The home-made root beer stand was great, with $1 refills and a lot of choices of glass bottles to drink out of. They even had glass gallon containers, which were so funny to watch people carry around and drink out of. The most interesting drinking container I saw was a ram’s horn that one man had his drink in. That was a little bit gross to me.


There were so many interesting characters to see and a lot to do. It really did feel a little like a traveling circus. I liked the man who you could pay to throw tomatoes at: he was yelling insults at all the people trying to hit him. I can’t say all the things I saw, but I will be going back again next year and will try to take more of my friends.

If you want to go this year, there are still two more weekends to visit the Renaissance Faire. I highly recommend it.

Castle of Muskogee
3400 West Fern Mountain Road
Muskogee, OK 74401-5402
(918) 687-3625