Charlotte J. Glaze


I was so blessed to be able to go to a couple of Olympic events during my trip to London. It was very exciting to be in the stadium with thousands of people from around the world, all in one place to cheer on their countries and teams. On July 30 I attended the Men’s Gymnastics Team Final. It was actually very confusing to watch live, as four events are taking place at the same time. The teams rotate after each round to a new piece of equipment, and the winners are decided by the adding together of all the scores from the different events.

I took a lot of photos, and I was there as the Great Britain team was declared to be the silver medalists. The crowd was cacophonous. Then, after the Japanese team requested a reevaluation of their last performance, and instead took the silver medal, bumping Team GB into bronze position, the crowd was appalled and I booed right along with them. But in the end, being polite, the British fans cheered for everyone with enthusiasm as they received their medals. All the winners did an incredible job. It was so exciting to be there.


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