Charlotte J. Glaze


Most of my time in the San Francisco area was spent outside of San Francisco, some of it in the glorious parks of the area. I did visit San Francisco as well, and I availed myself of the City Sightseeing bus tour. This was my first hop-on hop-off bus experience. It was enjoyable, but I didn’t find that it was very conducive to hopping on and off. Our bus, at least, did not actually stop at most of the stops. We did hop off in the shopping district and also found that it was difficult to get onboard again, since the other buses didn’t seem to stop at all the stops either.

We did get to see the city and learn about different areas briefly. Let me warn you: if you do this tour, go inside the bus before crossing the Golden Gate bridge. It is freezing outside on the top, not to mention windy.

Enjoy my photos!


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