Charlotte J. Glaze


On July 20, I went to visit Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, and The National Gallery. I did not get the typical view of Trafalgar Square because it was mostly barricaded to prepare for Olympic activities that would shortly be taking place there. During the Olympics there were concerts in the square, as well as it being one of several places that Londoners gathered together to watch the Olympics on enormous screens, cheering on their team together.

Across the street from Trafalgar Square is the Canadian Embassy.

It was also the location of a countdown statue for the Olympics and Paralympics. Everyone was in eager anticipation as they milled around and posed for pictures with the Olympic countdown.

After the square I went into The National Gallery, which is another wonderful and free museum in London. Inside are a vast number of paintings from the 13th-2oth centuries. The building itself is also worth seeing, the rooms are quite beautiful as are the paintings. Next door to The National Gallery is also The National Portrait Gallery, but I was too tired by the end of the first gallery to attempt the second.

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