Join Charlotte Glaze for an enchanting book review of “Faraway Things” by Dave Eggers, illustrated by Kelly Murphy! Dive into the world of preschool literature with this captivating adventure tale that will ignite the imaginations of young readers.

In this classic-feeling adventure, Lucian discovers mysterious objects washed ashore, known as faraway things. But when he finds a powerful cutlass, his journey takes an unexpected turn. Will he cling to the sword he loves, or embrace a gift that shines even brighter?

Join us as we uncover the profound and resonant tale of letting go. With stunning illustrations by Kelly Murphy and heartfelt storytelling by award-winning author Dave Eggers, “Faraway Things” is a must-have addition to any preschooler’s bookshelf.

Charlotte Glaze takes you on a journey through the evocative narrative and vibrant illustrations that make this picture book a treasure for early literacy.

Subscribe now and join us as we explore the magic of “Faraway Things,” where every page is filled with wonder and adventure. Don’t miss out on this enchanting review that celebrates the power of storytelling and imagination in preschool literature!


00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – Flip-Through
01:40 – Story
02:34 – Word-Choice
04:03 – Illustrations 


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