Get ready for some monkey business! Join Charlotte for a playful and educational adventure with the “5 Little Monkeys Fingerplay” – a finger-snapping, rhyme-tastic journey that’s not just fun, but fantastic for early literacy development! 

Gather your little ones for a toe-tapping time as we count down those mischievous monkeys and engage in some interactive fingerplay. It’s not just about the monkeys jumping on the bed – it’s about jumping into the exciting world of language and literacy!

Early literacy skills are woven into this whimsical fingerplay, making it a perfect blend of learning and laughter. From counting to rhythm, this activity is designed to boost your little one’s cognitive development while having an absolute blast!

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just someone who loves a good rhyme, this fingerplay is sure to tickle your funny bone and spark a love for words in the hearts of your little monkeys. So, hit play, sing along, and let the learning adventures begin!

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