Charlotte J. Glaze


Great Britain

Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Flowers

I had several places that I wanted to visit in London from some of my favorite British literature turned movies. I wanted to visit the places at which scenes from Harry Potter were filmed. I also wanted to visit some of the places where the new Sherlock Holmes movies...

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Trafalgar Square, London

On July 20, I went to visit Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, and The National Gallery. I did not get the typical view of Trafalgar Square because it was mostly barricaded to prepare for Olympic activities that would shortly be taking place there. During the Olympics...

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London Day-Trip: Cambridge

Cambridge is another beautiful college town, similar to Oxford (but don't tell them that, they are bitter rivals). Cambridge was actually founded by some men from Oxford hundreds of years ago that decided to go off and study separately. Josh and I visited King's...

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London Day-Trip: Oxford

A great day trip from London is traveling to the revered halls of Oxford. I promised my sister that I would visit Oxford, and it was a very enjoyable day. I learned a lot about the differences between Britain's higher education and North America's, and I also found...

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