One stop that I would love to visit again is Brugge, Belgium. This town is a gorgeous, old fashioned town with modern stores, the best chocolate, canals, and parks. When we got there, we left the train station and saw the largest amount of bicycles in one place I’ve ever seen. There were rows and rows and rows and rows of cycles.

We visited the Church of Our Lady, the home of Michelangelo’s Madonna. It’s a beautiful sculpture of Mary sitting with the baby Jesus about to walk, standing at her feet. Also in this church was a lot of other artwork, mostly of Mary.

Michelangelo's Madonna

There was also a special display of middle ages burial techniques. There were two graves of a king and queen. On the top of both was a gold sculpture of the king and queen, very rich and gorgeous. Also in this room were other sculptures, and a box that held a prince’s heart after he died.
Gold Tomb

This church also had an enormous pulpit. It was ornately carved and the priest would talk from 10-15 feet above the congregation. Very imposing.

After looking through all this church, we wandered down the cobbled streets and stopped at several of the amazing shops. We bought a bag full of assorted chocolates. The chocolates were incredible. Mmmm. We stopped by a small cafe and ate a delicious waffle dessert; stopped by a shop selling the “best hot chocolate,” which it was; and lots of toy stores.

Unfortunately, we also saw something that was awful. We were walking down the street and an ambulance was stopped. As we walked closer, we saw two ambulance workers trying to revive a man who was lying on the ground. They used the defibrillator, and his body was jumping, but unfortunately he did not revive. It was an awful thing to see.