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One more kiss?

"One more kiss?" her small voice asks out of the darkness, gravelly with sleep. I lean over and press my lips to her feather-soft cheek, giving her my benediction and promise. I will be here for you: when you learn to use the toilet, ride a bicycle, ride a school bus....

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8 New Books for Three-Year-Olds

Last week I posted about 10 Classic Stories for Three-Year-Olds. Today, here are some of our newer favorites! Froggy Series I love this great series for this age group. Froggy is always doing silly things and the onomatopoeia in these books make for a fun read. Mix It...

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10 Classic Stories for Three-Year-Olds

My daughter loves books. I couldn't be happier. We read 4-5 books a day together, and I wanted to share some of the best classic stories for three-year-olds to enjoy. I will be following this post with one sharing some of our favorite new children's books. Curious...

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The Baby Who Would Not Sleep

I'm so blessed to be the mother of a happy, healthy, beautiful baby girl. Sometimes, like today, I get frustrated by the little things. Lily won't sleep in her crib. She hasn't been sleeping in her crib since she was four months old, though occasionally I can get her...

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6 months

It has been a long time since I have posted, but I have the very best of excuses. I have spent the last six months enthralled with my baby girl. Lily is a wonderful baby, happy almost all the time, with the cutest dimples you have ever seen. To be honest, she is the...

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Baby Shower

The time is quickly coming... the middle of October is right around the corner. With our baby girl coming soon, my family hosted a baby shower for me. It was a really fun day. Ariel made some very cool beach themed snacks: sand dollar cookies and sand pudding. They...

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I've taken up gardening. I seem to have tried my hand at a lot of hobbies, and I usually get very gung-ho about them for a little while and then they fade away again and I move on to something else. Last year I decided to fix up the garden in the front of our house....

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The decision is made

As you have been following, Josh and I had a decision to make about what we were going to do about our adoption. After Russia shut down all adoptions before we received our referral, we had to regroup and see where God was leading us from here. We decided to try to...

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New Year 2013

I had my mom, Dulcinea, Ariel, and Ben over for a fondue feast in honor of the new year. It was delicious, if I do say so myself. I know I left the last post on a really down note. This time was really rough on me. I had quit my job to be a mother, and now I had no...

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A Christmas Surprise

Josh and I went to Florida for Christmas with his family. We always go to Nana and Papa Joe's house for Christmas Eve, we exchange presents with them and we eat fondue. It's always a very fun time, and Nana will even make us a treasure hunt for our big gifts which I...

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Catching Up

There has been a long lull between my posts, and I apologize for the delay. The truth is, there have been some big, big changes in our lives in the past three months. I will attempt to post the changes, and catch you, my readers, up on the Glaze family. The first big...

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