There’s a place of peace found in the presence of the Almighty God.

The entry into this place in found in praise. In worship. In surrender. With humbleness and the awareness that we, ourselves, will never be able to summon peace into our chaos. We will never be able to bring hope into troubled times. We will never bring life into death.

But God will. He does. That’s His plan. That’s His business.

The problem comes when our busyness clashes with His business.

It’s so easy for me to start spinning in my world of work, family, responsibilities, wants, needs… God is not in it. I know He isn’t. So I try to get God into my world through my effort. I make my mindset to please Him. I try to make my opinion of my work that it WILL make a difference. It WILL be a blessing to people. It WILL do SOMETHING to HELP.

Nope. Wrong. Apart from God, there will be no difference, no change, no help.

If my life gets in the way of my spending time in the presence and peace of the Almighty God, then there’s something that needs to change, not with God, but with my life.