Our Family Christmas Trip to Hawaii

Dec 15, 2010 | Travel

Dec 14-15, 2010

We got onto the road, driving to Denver from Tulsa around 4 p.m. It was a long drive, but the whole family fit just fine into the Toyota Sienna that we rented from National. Since we got started when we did, we drove until Wichita, Kansas, and then stopped for a few minutes at McDonald’s before driving on until about reaching Denver at about 2 a.m.. We stayed the night at the Comfort Inn Airport in Denver. Our flight out the next morning was at 1 p.m. We got to the airport and through security mostly intact. There were a few larger liquids that didn’t make it through security – but I must also add that the Denver TSA agents were the friendliest TSA agents that I’ve ever seen. The ones with who I dealt were all pleasant, although the TSA manager who was standing around did look like the Grinch with his scowl.

Josh and I had really delicious Turkey Avocado bagel sandwich bagels from Einstein Bros. Bagels at the Denver airport. We got out of Denver at 1:09, and landed in Salt Lake City at 2:38. From there we were flying to Los Angeles. Our flight was scheduled for 3:10 p.m., and we had a tighter connection onto Maui, but our flight didn’t leave until 4:28 p.m. Josh was getting a little bit tense, since if we missed our connection there was not another flight to Maui until the next day. Thankfully our last flight was also delayed a little bit, and we made it in time to get on board. My family had been with us since Tulsa, but at LAX we were meeting Josh’s family. We all connected there, and we were off on our last leg of the trip to Hawaii!

We arrived in the Kahului Airport at 9:44 p.m. on December 15. That was 1:44 a.m. for the Oklahoma folks, and 2:44 a.m. for the Floridians. Needless to say, after we arrived at our hotel, the Aston Paki Maui, we found our beds and slept.


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