There has been a long lull between my posts, and I apologize for the delay. The truth is, there have been some big, big changes in our lives in the past three months. I will attempt to post the changes, and catch you, my readers, up on the Glaze family.

The first big change was the marriage of my sister Ariel, who had been living upstairs in our home for the last 3 years. Her wedding was in December, and she was a beautiful bride. Enjoy a few photos of Ariel and Ben’s special day.

Another big change that happened in December for me is that I quit my regular teaching position, transitioning into a substitute teaching. We were waiting for our referral from Russia and expected to hear at any time, so we decided it would be best if I gave my position up, instead of trying to do the three trips and teach at the same time. I was sad to leave all my kids, but I knew I would still get to see them as I subbed.

Christmas season was upon us. Our college friends always get together for a Christmas shindig, and we had a fun time as always. Enjoy the photos!

Another fun Christmas activity that Josh and I finally did this year was visit Christmas Train at Dry Gulch. It was a fun evening, although I think it would be even more fun with kids. There are extra activities for children that we didn’t do, such as Santa Claus, go-karts, ropes course. We did go on the Christmas train, visited the Christmas stores, went on the horse-drawn carriage ride, and played pool and video games in the arcades.