Photos of the Women’s Olympic Marathon

Just outside of my hotel was the place that the women's marathon completed a couple of loops. I walked up to watch and found a hole to see by the jib. I watched and cheered and photographed during one loop through. I saw the media truck drive by and the two...

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From London to Sochi

Russia had several pavilions set up during the London Olympics. One was called the Russia Park, and one was the Sochi Park, a preview of the Sochi Olympics. Josh and I went to visit them so that we might learn more about Russia in preparation for our adoption from...

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Olympics: Men’s Gymnastics Team Final

I was so blessed to be able to go to a couple of Olympic events during my trip to London. It was very exciting to be in the stadium with thousands of people from around the world, all in one place to cheer on their countries and teams. On July 30 I attended the Men's...

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