We’re getting our kitchen started, although we haven’t done very much yet. Today is Josh’s last scheduled work day for six weeks though, so we are about to hit the ground running. We have an extra cabinet that we took down to open up our kitchen more, since the addition of our vent hood took out a lot of the view. The cabinet beside the hood was taken down months ago. We took one of the doors from that cabinet and tested our painting procedure on it. Today I added polyurethane, which is now drying.

It’s harder to get the paint smooth than we anticipated. I’ve just been reading, and apparently when it is hot, paint drying time goes down. Perfect, since it’s bloody hot right now. Unfortunately, that means the paint starts drying before we’ve finished brushing it on and the brush marks were much more prominent than we hoped. We will probably spray the paint on the cabinets once we start the whole batch. Our test was just not enough to bother with the sprayer.